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About Nice Fish & Gary Cooper

The professional west coast sport fisherman is different from most other professional anglers in North America. There are no tournament tours. No big money for catching the most poundage. No decaled shirts resembling motor sport stars decked out with flash and colour to advertise sponsors. The only way a fisherman has the opportunity to go pro is to write stories, or in someway get media attention, and hope that someone will sponsor them with cash, not just free rods and reels. This makes for slim pickings for a west coaster with a love for the outdoors to make a career and a decent income by catching fish, unless you wanted to be a guide, and that is tough in the long run, you are fishing for someone else, not yourself. Catch a big fish and the glory goes to the angler with a tip going to the guide. Maybe.

I started my career in 1984. The year that Jane Fonda was reported to be making all that cash on her work out video. I produced three videos under the corporate name of Outdoor Video. "The Hakai Experience", "Drift Fishing The Pacific", and "Steel Heading A Primer". They became available in three languages and I guess you could call them a success, in that it started to brand the name of Gary Cooper. In 1986 two more videos were produced, "Steel Heading Advanced Techniques" and "Salmon 1 And The Art Of Trolling For Salmon". Videos that are still being sold today by the video distributer Bennet Marine out of California.

1988 was the year that I produced my first episode of "Gary Cooper's Fishing Diary". The pilot episode featured 30 pound plus salmon being caught on a fly rod and reel, and was the first time that salmon were being released in front of a camera. Wild TV broadcasts these episodes in a new format. I produced 13 episodes a year until 1991. At that time a new broadcaster picked up the show and offered a killer time slot. They wanted 26 episodes per year and 26 episodes a year is what they got. It was at this time that I truly turned pro. Before this time it was all a hobby and my day job kept my family housed and fed.

In 1999 I changed the name of the show and its format. The series would focus more on guests, location and the fish. Nice Fish became the name and its popularity grew as viewers were treated to something different than a guy showing his fishing skills and pushing product. Every episode has a different story and every story features a different personality. Regular people having the time of their life enjoying the outdoors.

Like the time that I was in Alaska, flyfishing the black volcanic beaches of Volcano Bay for silver salmon and two guests had big fish on and a salmon swam to my feet as an offering for me to have.

Today Nice Fish is watched by viewers in Canada and the USA. It has been dubbed in foreign languages and has, or is being broadcast on networks in Korea, Finland, France, Taiwan, Slovakia and if you are on a Saudi flight you will find Nice Fish on the in-flight video menu.

All new episodes are shot in vibrant Discovery Channel quality high definition, capturing the spirit that is fishing like never before. For over 20 years my mission has been to promote the wonderful sport of fishing, to respect our environment and to protect the beautiful wildlife that surrounds us, and hopefully some day, the young viewers of "Nice Fish" will continue down the same path.

-Gary Cooper