Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 1:04PM

For about a year and half now, my Facebook page has been filled with clips from

The site was developed as a place for fishermen and fishing industries alike to all join together and share their stories from around the globe, as well as for hosts to have a place where they can share their episode content for people to come back to and enjoy for years to come. I am one of those fishermen who's used the site to upload hours and hours of my own video content to, and I get a thrill from seeing how my viewers love to relive those experiences with me.

The site has so much potential, and it is my wish that we spread the word, so that countries across the world can share in this pastime that we all love. So record your videos on your phone or camera, capture the fish that gave you the struggle of your life, and be a part of this new online world. And if you're not able to fish yourself, you can indulge in the fish stories that so many others have shared.



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