The Secret with Luck
Monday, October 6, 2014 at 12:16PM

When you hear me say that catch line at the end of every show, do you really know what that means? You might think that it's easy for me to recite 'Luck Is An Attitude' because who wouldn't have a good attitude when they tend to do alright catching fish. But there's so much more to having good luck on the water. 

I was once told, 'luck is simply opportunity meets preparedness.' What that means to me is that if I happen to have the opportunity to be on the water, I plan to be prepared with the knowledge I need to succeed. That means knowledge of the area I'm fishing, knowledge of the bait and lures I'm using, and knowledge of the type of fish I'm targeting. All of those things combined will usually turn up a pretty great day of fishing! It's not because I'm a lucky guy, it's because anyone who goes out there prepared to take on a challenge will likely be feeling pretty positive about it! And for those who aren't quite sure yet, it's not that hard to obtain the right knowledge-many tackle shops in your area are happy to fill you in on what's working, what's being caught and where to go. You just need to have the attitude of a person eager to succeed.

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