Nice Fish Team Includes Drones!
Monday, November 24, 2014 at 10:55AM

You've heard of those cameras that fly around taking professional HD videos, well we wanted to get in on the action. The Nice Fish team now has a fancy 4k Technology drone, prepared to take flight and take amazing video to both fill seasons to come with footage and provide new angles for our marketing team's commercial side. 

The 4k Technology drone captures video like television production has never seen it before. Fly above a fisherman landing his Tyee, circulate boats as they cut through big waters and feast your eyes on landscape and nature shots from a view not possible with any other camera.

This is one of two of our custom built drones. Coupled with the just released panasonic 1x100 camera it carries a payload of up to 7 pounds and is capable of shooting 4k 30 framers per second video- 4x the resolutiong of HD. The drones are all GPS controlled and come with an array of features.

Can't wait to put her to good use!


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