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200 pound Halibut

Winter Harbour on the north west coast of Vancouver Island proved to be a very successfull fishing trip.

Big seas and big fish combined to produce a few great episodes of Nice Fish and Nice Fish Jr. The first day out I was treated to a very large halibut. It was a gong show as the fish wrapped and tangled around a few other lines. The last 50 feet had to be handlined in because of knots and tangles. Hand lineing a big Halibut has to be done very carefully as one can loose a finger or suffer serious injury if not done properly. But the job was completed and a 195 halibut came into the boat along with a couple over 50.

The next day was 9 year old Dylans turn as he hosted his episode of Nice Fish Junior. Two Halibut were caught bigger than him in 3 meter seas. This kid is one tough dude.

The next day was a Coho show as these 6 to 12 pound fish provided constant action on light tackle. We then pursued some Chinook action. At this time of year offshore fishing for these big fish can be very exciting. These episodes will air in the 2010 schedule. I will post some shots later in my video Blog. If you are seriously interested in catching a lot of fish as well as big fish I would recommend that you check out Qualicum Rivers Lodge at Winter Harbour.


Just returned from Escott Sport Fishing Lodge in the Queen Charlottes

Spent the last five days shooting the first episode of the new season "NICE FISH". We also shot episode four of NICE FISH Jr. with my grandson 9 year old Dylan. We stayed and were hosted by Danny and Lisa Escott of Escott Lodge. Also called Escott Sport Fishing. They are located in the town of Massett on the Northern tip of the Queen Charlotte's. Check it out. They are a first class operation that supplies great food, accomodations and guided fishing. They fish out of mid twenty Grady Whites that are very comfortable. The fish were in the high teens and mid twenties. Rob Reierson, president of Tradex Seafood caught the only Tyee. We captured it all on tape and I feel that this is going to be a great episode. Not as great as the episode of Nice Fish Jr. Dylan sure knows how to out-host his grampa and I hate to say it but you are going to be treated to one heck of a new series. One that is better than Nice Fish. Working on some other new projects that you will be excited to hear about. Just can not devulge the info at this time. Will post the rushes from this last shoot next week on my video blog.


New episodes of Nice Fish 

Jon, our editor, is feverishly working to complete all 26 episodes of our 2008/09 series of "Nice Fish".

We just finished a great episode with the Cloughs of Queen Charlotte Lodge. For anyone who does not know of the Cloughs, let me fill you in: Paul is one of the owners of the lodge, and Rob is his son. The Cloughs are part of the reason why QCL has become known as the premier lodge in the Charlottes.

Talking about a family business. I just viewed the episode at the Cyr family's Nootka Island Lodge. Wow! Not only was the fishing great; but also look out for some great insight on this historical location.

More to come,





Welcome To The New

Hey folks,

Welcome to our brand new, redesigned from the ground up website. Think of this website as an extension of our television show "Nice Fish". On this site you will find all sorts of interesting video relating to sport fishing and outdoor recreation and the enjoyment it brings people.

In addition to the tons of video content that will be available, including my new "Video Blog", I will also be posting to this text blog on a regular basis about show information, thoughts on sport fishing, the environment and anything else that springs to mind. Don't hesitate to leave a comment, just click the "Post a Comment" link below any blog entry and chime in.

We are very excited about the changes happening around here, and I hope you all are too.

To celebrate the Vancouver Canucks making it through to the 2nd round of the NHL Playoffs, we have decided to post a clip from an old episode of Nice Fish, featuring guest "Captain" Kirk McLean, legendary goalie for the Vancouver Canucks, being guided by myself in the "NHL Derby".

Head over to the Video section or click here to watch the clip.

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